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Christian.jpgChristian Reichert

We would like to acknowledge the support and suggestions of Christian Reichert during the development of the Tenuto Guitar Support. Christian Reichert is well known in Europe as both a classical guitar performer and teacher. To learn more about Christian please click the following link:




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Classical Guitar Society of Calgary 

We would like to thank the members of the "The Classical Guitar Society of Calgary" whose ideas and comments have been instrumental in the development of the Tenuto Guitar Support.

For information on the society see link:


La GuitarrasmallLa Guitarra California Festival 2015

We would like to thank "La Guitarra California Festival" for holding an amazing event and giving us the opportunity to show case our products.

For information on "La Guitarra" see the link below:



GuitarFestWestGuitarFest West 

We are proud to sponsor Mount Royal University's annual GuitarFest West. 

For more information about GuitarFest West, visit