Tenuto Pro 3

Tenuto Pro 3

Small Suction Cups and Large Suction Cup:

Additional Pro Protective Pads:

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All Tenuto Pro's are the master of full adjustability. The two pivots allow for perfect angling and positioning to avoid twisting the body. The adjustable strap allows you to raise and lower the neck angle allowing you to play with relaxed shoulders. A slider is an excellent tool to lift the guitar higher or lower. This product was made with the understanding that each player is unique and require as many adjustable features to suit them. 

Made for Guitars with regular bottoms and thin tops of the body. 

Comes with:


2 sets Protective Pads

3 Suction cups


# of Pivots: 2

# of Suction Cups: 3

Measurements: 3.710 wide 7.616 long

Material: Aluminum